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Fortunately, last Monday, the corona measures in the Netherlands were relaxed by the government. This after many weeks of contact restriction and living in a kind of quarantine. Fortunately, we also see in other countries that they are relaxing the corona measures. Tourism and exports are in short supply in many countries due to the corona crisis. The borders between Austria and Germany have been closed for a while due to the corona pandemic.

The Austrian Chancellor (Sebastian Kurz) is in consultation with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This consultation is about opening the borders between Austria and Germany from Friday, June 15. Austria is also considering reopening its borders with Switzerland and the dwarf state of Liechtenstein. According to miscellaneous medium Border controls between Austria and Germany will be minimized starting this week. As of this week, only random checks will be held at the borders between Austria and Germany.

Since March 16, Germany has closed its borders to people who have no valid reason to visit the country. Germany and Austria attract a lot of tourists every year, due to the consequences of the corona pandemic so far completely in its hole. The countries will be very happy when the borders are opened up again and a start can be made again in exports and in tourism. This week there will be more clarity from The European Commission about what will be decided about the borders.

"Both Switzerland and Austria are small export-oriented countries with good international connections," Kurz told SRF. "It is clear that the desire to open in our countries may be stronger than elsewhere." With regard to the reopening of the German border, he soon expects 'a breakthrough'.

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