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It is the day of truth for Brussels Airlines, Sabena's unprofitable heir. Brussels Airlines, like many other airlines, has been going through rough weather since its planes have been grounded since mid-March. Brussels Airlines is negotiating a package of aid measures and hopes to obtain 290 million euros from the Belgian state as financial aid.

Society says it can continue on its own two feet until mid or late May, but then there must be a solution. Brussels Airlines has made a net loss of 236 million euros in the past ten years and was already in bad papers for corona, almost every year ending with red figures. According to VRT, society has announced to the social partners that it wants to cut 1.000 jobs. In addition, the company wants to reduce the number of planes by 10 aircraft and another 22 destinations will be canceled.

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The Germans are now in the front line to ask for Belgian state aid, but without conditions regarding employment, participation or whatever. CEO Carsten Spohr does not want 'government as a babysitteronly money.

The unions realize that job loss is inevitable, but want to limit it as much as possible. The predecessor Sabena was a loss-making society, owned by the Belgian state, that lived on a bygone colonial past for a few more decades. The company went bankrupt in 2001.

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