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The coach sector fears that almost half of the bus companies will not survive the summer of 2020. Ninety percent of the four thousand coaches are stationary. A survey by industry organization Bustransport Netherlands shows that the sector is estimated to lose four hundred million euros in turnover between March and June. It is a total disaster, the damage is incalculable. That writes Henk Hanssen, financial editor associated with the website bankruptcydossier.nl.  

the buses have not left the garage this year

The Keukenhof's opening at the end of March is prominent on every coach company's agenda. It is the unofficial opening of the season. With day trips, city trips, school trips and bus holidays, the turnover of the whole year has to be combined in approximately six months. Normally the quiet winter period starts in mid-October, but this year winter started in early spring: many buses have hardly left the garage.

coach sector loses four hundred million turnover

Bustransport Nederland, the trade association that represents four fifths of the bus companies, speaks of a 'total disaster'. A recent member survey shows that 77 percent of companies lost more than half of their turnover in the period March-June. A third of the members see turnover fall by more than eighty percent. The trade association has calculated that the total loss of turnover amounts to at least four hundred million.

many bus operators will not survive the blow

The bus operators do not expect the loss to be made up in the second half of the season. Most assume that their turnover will drop by fifty to eighty percent. Even if they rely on current government support measures, many companies will not survive this blow. In a fire letter to State Secretary Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs, the sector organization warns that acute payment problems are imminent.

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a day of downtime costs eight hundred euros per bus

In recent years, many companies have invested in new buses that are more economical and sustainable. The purchase price quickly runs towards four tons. A day of downtime costs around eight hundred euros per bus, Bustransport Nederland calculates for the State Secretary. An additional problem is that many entrepreneurs lease the buses: while no more cents come in, the costs for lease and interest continue to continue in principle. According to the sector organization, the lease companies do meet the sector.

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