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The Belgian federal government probably surprised every Belgian during the press conference by announcing that each family can receive a maximum of four people at home. With Mother's Day on the horizon, this adaptation is just right for many 'stay in their dorm' more than tired.  Today, the Security Council released changes to current corona measures. 

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR) said that doing good for everyone in the easing phase of the lockdown is an impossible task for the government.

From next Sunday, May 10, each family can receive four other people at home. It is expressly always the same four people. Those four people, in turn, are not allowed to visit others. There too, social distance must be kept, and contact is preferably outside.

As expected, the stores may reopen from next Monday, May 11. One customer will be admitted per 10 square meters for a maximum duration of 30 minutes, with exceptions for the smallest shops. It is recommended to wear a mouth mask in stores, and it is mandatory to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters from each other.

You are asked to only visit shops in the area and to do that alone. If it is too busy, come back at another time. Elderly people and people with a disability or health care workers are given priority security council. Public transport is reserved for people who have no other means of getting around.

what is not allowed in Belgium?

Bad news for restaurants, cafes and cultural centers because they remain closed. It also remains forbidden for excursions, tourist activities and gatherings and the major sports competitions will certainly not be resumed before July 31st. Markets are not opening yet. Food trucks and other stalls are possible if they have permission from the local government.

Nothing has yet been decided about the next phases of the exit strategy. Face masks are mandatory for all travel on public transport, in airports and at school, for students from 12 years old and for teachers. It is also recommended to wear the mouth masks in shops and if the safety distance of 1,5 meters cannot be guaranteed.

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Minister Sophie Wilmes
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