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Due to the consequences of the corona crisis, maintenance work on the car is being postponed by consumers. Due to the corona lock-down, more than 8 percent of consumers no longer delay or delay maintenance work, or postpone it. This is about 700 thousand cars.

A survey was conducted among 1100 respondents on behalf of BOVAG, which showed that consumers no longer have their cars inspected or postponed the inspection after the intelligent corona Lock down was discontinued. This can lead to dangerous situations, for example not changing from winter tires to summer tires is very dangerous. The BOVAG therefore calls on car owners to have their vehicle serviced and repaired, and they are allowed to advertise for free in the commercial breaks of STER during the corona crisis. About three-quarters of car owners who already had a maintenance appointment are not deterred by the consequences of the corona crisis and simply let the appointment go through.

Said BOVAG chairman Han ten Broeke. “I understand that maintenance and repair can be a high cost and that many people are concerned about their personal finances. But if you go on the road with an unsafe car, we will all be much further from home. ”

Despite the consequences of the corona crisis, the statutory APK inspections continued in recent weeks, the number of MOT inspections even increased by 5,1 percent in April compared to April last year. In the first 4 months of this year, approximately 1,4 million cars were inspected by the affiliated car companies, an increase of 5,5 percent compared to the first period of last year.

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