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From Monday, everyone in Belgium can make a limited journey with the car for sports or relaxation, says the crisis center. But that does not mean that it can be a day trip.

This Monday, everyone can make a limited trip with their car to go for a walk or jog in a nearby forest or park. Yves Stevens of the Crisis Center does not really clarify what a limited displacement means. 

“But it is important that people do not make a day trip. It is also not the intention to drive around the country, ”says Yves Stevens.

According to VRT NWS is it oalso allowed to make a motorcycle ride from May 4, with a maximum of 2 other people on a motorcycle. Minister of the Interior Pieter De Crem (CD&V) clarifies that it must concern “a tour that starts / ends at home, without visiting hotspots or sights along the way”. And traveling salesmen are also allowed back on the road, albeit only to companies.

The pressure of the corona epidemic on hospitals continues to decrease. They also notice this at UZ Gent. 

"The number of people with a new corona infection is only coming in drop by drop," says pulmonologist Evan Van Braeckel. "But that is not to say that the story is completely over. There are still quite a lot of people in intensive care for whom the outcome is still uncertain. And in the regular wards there are also seriously ill people who are going to have a long rehabilitation. ”

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