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In early April, Taxi Electric was forced to file for bankruptcy due to the corona crisis. Taxi Electric continued to drive during bankruptcy, with the permission of the curator. Shortly after the bankruptcy, 8 parties registered to take over the assets of Taxi Electric. 

Travel Electric

With a new name, director Wouter Deelman wants to give it another try. The company only drives electric taxis and focuses mainly on rides for other companies, such as KLM, ING, Heineken and various hotels. 

Director Wouter Deelman: "After a painful bankruptcy, it is good news for our employees, customers and partners that the company can now continue in a slimmed-down form and under the new name Travel Electric." 

The Company is active on the business market in the Amsterdam region. Mainly 50-plus drivers provide rides with only electric cars that have now also been adapted to the one and a half meter society with a partition in the cabin. 

“This restructuring is the best way to make the company financially healthy after sales collapsed due to the corona crisis. We are ready for further growth and more jobs. I am proud of our employees and investors who enable this rapid restart, ”says Deelman

fast restart

Curator Wilmy Westerhof indicated that because there was serious interest in Taxi Electric quickly, he was able to organize a formal bidding process. Wouter Deelman's offer was the most attractive to creditors: the highest price and the most complete including employment. 

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