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Airline KLM would have toppled without aid so one support package of the Dutch government was necessary due to the coronavirus. This was announced by Finance Minister Hoekstra at a press conference. The aid will consist of guarantees and loans.

we must save our blue pride

Minister Hoekstra of Finance and Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure came with news about support for the KLM-Air France aviation combination during an extra press conference on Friday evening. KLM's revenues have disappeared while costs continue to skyrocket. The government believes it should provide between two and four billion euros in aid to KLM, but exact amounts are not yet complete specified.

The aid is important for the continued existence of KLM and to prevent a knock-on effect when KLM falls over Schiphol, loaders and unloaders and distribution centers. Air France receives seven billion euros in aid from the French state. Hoekstra hinted that Air-France needs support more than KLM.

large parking lot of aircraft

Schiphol currently has 5 percent of travelers and Schiphol is entirely turned into a large parking lot of aircraft. The company can continue for a few weeks, but KLM cannot survive without additional support measures. When asked why KLM will be rescued while many other companies are also in distress or fall over, Minister Hoekstra was brief and indicated that KLM is a vital company for the Dutch economy.

The Cabinet cannot yet provide exact figures because it is still in discussions with the banks. The French, on the other hand, have already presented the full package, while the Netherlands still talks about amounts. Hoekstra was unable and unwilling to provide any further details at this time. The House of Representatives was informed about this in an open letter this evening, but was previously informed confidentially.

"We cannot afford to lose such an essential link in our infrastructure," said Infrastructure Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen.

In total, the aid to Air France - KLM amounts to about 10 billion euros. According to Van Nieuwenhuizen, KLM and Schiphol together provide at least 114.000 jobs. There are, however, conditions attached to the aid. For example, KLM is not allowed to pay bonuses, profit-sharing or dividends. The company must also work on sustainability and limiting nuisance.

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response of Natuur en Milieufederatie Noord-Holland, Natuur & Milieu, Milieudefensie and Greenpeace to the reporting on the support to KLM

“KLM relies heavily on support from our government. That while the airline does not pay tax on kerosene and also does not pay VAT on airline tickets. The aviation sector is also excluded from all climate policy.

Now that the government wants to help KLM and its employees in this uncertain period, it is time to make concrete agreements with the airline company. It is good that the government is forcing KLM to reduce noise and air pollution and to reduce its CO2 emissions.

The airline will not be able to revert to the old one after this and will have to take a new path with fewer flights. It cannot just be nice words, hard goals must be attached to it. In this way, we prevent the aviation sector and our society from rolling from one crisis to another. ”

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Minister Hoekstra
KLM fleet at Schiphol