Special primary education and student transport will be fully launched on 11 May. Special education because of a religious belief will then, just like the rest of the primary education, also start in an adapted way. Pupils return to school for about half of their teaching time, in smaller groups. They work from home the other half of the time.

In order to properly arrange student transport, it is necessary that RIVM guidelines be properly observed. Until now, the RIVM guideline has been to respect the 1,5-meter rule between driver and passenger or to provide the car with a physical barrier.

partition wall not necessary

RIVM informs that the driver is in relation to the children in the student transport keep as far as possible to the minimum distance of 1,5 meters. During the execution of the student transport, he may continue to transport the children in the regular manner. Taking extra measures on the bus, such as placing a physical partition between driver and children, is allowed where the minimum 1,5 meters cannot be respected, but is no longer necessary.

The out-of-school care (BSO) will also start on 11 May and will follow the same regime as the primary schools. They are only open before and after school hours. The BSO is available to them on days when children go to school. Not on other days.

industry association is on top

The sector association KNV has announced that for other transport it is advisable to follow the guidelines of the RIVM for each mode of transport or to check the protocol. The term 'physical separation' is used in both the hygiene protocol of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and that of RIVM. Where, taking into account what is stated above about student transport, observing the 1,5 meters in the vehicle is not possible, this is an alternative. There is a lot of confusion about the placement of the partition wall. The RDW would now also assess this and clear on this point is still underway,

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