The empty streets in Milan are slowly getting used to the residents now that during the lock-down everyone has to stay inside and cars are banned in the city. Normally, about 700.000 cars a day drive into the city center, which cause traffic jams and pollution. Cyclists, electric scooters and scooters will get more space and cars will soon have to give way. In Milan they hope to realize this by constructing more than 35 kilometers of cycle paths.

Through these interventions, the Milanese also take into account the corona measures that apply with regard to keeping each other apart. Due to the current circumstances, the renovation of the center can be realized faster than usual, so the Milanese hope to have completed everything for a bicycle-friendly city center by the end of this summer.

fine dust limit crossed

Since February 2019, the environmental zone in Milan has been enlarged and the most polluted cars (Euro 0 petrol, Euro 0,1,2,3 diesel) are no longer allowed to enter Milan from Monday to Friday between 07.30:19.30 and 60:XNUMX. This prohibition does not apply on weekends and public holidays. The inhabitants often suffer from too high a concentration of particulate matter in the city. Last year, the limit was even exceeded for XNUMX days.

In the city hangs a polluted mist, better known as smog (a contraction between fog = mist and smoke = smoke), which is caused by a combination of high temperature, air pollution and little wind.

one day Italy will become as it once was

Italy, perhaps the most versatile country in Europe. The country was hit very hard during the pandemic. The country is known for delicious Italian cuisine, beautiful nature and culture, Roman buildings and well-dressed people. You can escape on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, take a city trip through fashion city Milan and culture city Rome or romantic punting in Venice. The Italian Tourist Board will help you find the ideal holiday destination. You can always go to the local on the spot Tourist Office for current events and even more sightseeing tips.

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Milan center - lock down
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