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Rijkswaterstaat's award for renovation A6 Lelystad-North - Boiler bridge went to Heijmans. In early 2021, Rijkswaterstaat will start major maintenance work on the A6 Lelystad-Noord - Ketelbrug. Preparatory work will start in 2020. The motorway will then be tackled in both directions. This will make the route safer, quieter and there will be a better flow during activities and incidents. The works must be completed by the end of 2021.

sustainable and circular solutions

Parts of the foundation and the asphalt are replaced by sustainable and circular solutions. We also widen the emergency lanes. This has two advantages: in the future there will be less inconvenience during maintenance and emergency services can work more safely during incidents.

challenge the market

Making the work on the asphalt and the foundation of the A6 more sustainable will yield the most environmental benefits. That is why, in addition to the best price-quality ratio, Rijkswaterstaat also took the environmental effects of measures (environmental cost indicator value, circularity and CO2level of ambition) as an assessment factor. The contractors were challenged to come up with sustainable and circular solutions for the work. Construction company Heijmans emerged as the winner. 

“Heijmans was happy to take on the creative, sustainable and circular challenge for this Rijkswaterstaat project. For example, we developed an innovative method to reuse the foundations of blast furnace slag from the A6 and we apply sustainable asphalt mixtures, ”says Tender Manager Bas Versteegen.

modern technologies

Heijmans and Rijkswaterstaat are working together on the renewal of the foundation. The foundation material (blast furnace slag) is processed with innovative technology in such a way that it can be reused in the A6. The asphalt will also be upgraded. The dense asphalt concrete is replaced by a coating of sound-reducing durable zoab.

“With this tender, Rijkswaterstaat has taken a major step forward towards climate-neutral and circular working. She shows courage in challenging the market on these topics, and that market has accepted the challenge. An example that will hopefully be followed by a lot inside and outside Rijkswaterstaat, ”says Chris van Schalm, sustainability expert at Rijkswaterstaat.

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Construction company Heijmans
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Photo: Rijkswaterstaat