The corona crisis is chopping in, too Schiphol is this the case. The CEO of Schiphol Group (Dick Benschop) expects that the number of flights will not return to normal levels before the corona crisis until 2023. The maximum number of flights at Schiphol is 500.000 per year. 

Dick Benschop does not think it wise that this number of flights has recovered in a short period after the corona crisis, he wants a controlled recovery, he tells the newspaper last Saturday Trouw.

“I don't want it to go like it did after the financial crisis, when the ceiling was reached very quickly. We can learn lessons from that time, something more sensible should be possible. Maybe we can finally get out of the cramp that political decision-making has ended up in. After corona, the world no doubt looks different than before. How exactly, I don't know. I take into account a range of different outcomes, ”says Benschop.

First of all, we do not know how long the crisis will last or how the economic recovery will develop. And then there is the behavior of citizens and companies. A lot of travel time is saved with all that video calling. The boss of Schiphol is thinking about the recovery of the airport, Benschop also tells in the newspaper that part of the airport is already equipped for the one and a half meter society, this by means of stripes and screens. 

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