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Wir sind gute Nachbarn, aber wir sollten uns jetzt nicht besuchen! Love Deutsche Freunde: Bleiben Sie zuhause! Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security again called on the Germans not to come to the Netherlands at Easter. He made his appeal through the Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

The vast majority of Germans in Roermond ignore a request from the military police to return to Germany. Germans give the reason that they have read in German media that it is not prohibited to go to the Netherlands. Grapperhaus his German colleague Herbert Reul from the German state did the same to the Dutch. Neither should they make a trip to Germany during the Easter weekend. Prime Minister Mark Rutte previously called on Belgians and Germans not to come to the Netherlands during the Easter weekend. 

despite the urgent advice still drive

The Marechaussee noted crowds at the border with Germany on Friday, but it was not too bad. However, many Germans drove on, especially at the major border crossings, despite the urgent advice to turn around. On Thursday and Friday, a boa from the province of Limburg randomly tracked for an hour how many Germans drove to Roermond at the border, and how many reversed. This shows that on Thursday 60 percent drove to the Netherlands.

This measure is not intended for frontier workers. The German Robert Koch Institute (RKI), comparable to the Dutch RIVM, has designated our country as an international risk area for the further spread of the corona virus. 

Austria was the first to relax the measures

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz previously had a somewhat hopeful message for his countrymen. For example, he has published a timetable with relaxed measures. Austria is the first country in Europe to announce a relaxation of corona measures. After Easter, small shops may reopen their doors. If everything continues to go well, the larger stores and shopping centers can also reopen on 1 May. 

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Ferdinand Grapperhaus