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The Corona virus also makes it difficult to transfer the bodies of the deceased abroad to be buried there. Due to travel restrictions, the situation may currently vary by day and by country. This means that people with an Islamic background, for example, cannot always be buried with their parents abroad.

A grave in the Netherlands is then forced to come into the picture. Azarkan (DENK) has asked the cabinet to provide assistance to the relatives of the deceased and to enter into discussions with municipalities to find locations where eternal burial peace can be realized.

perpetual grave rest

According to Minister Knops, the Netherlands has several Islamic cemeteries with perpetual burial rest. There are also municipal cemeteries that have reserved part for Islamic burial, where the entitled parties can extend the burial rest, whether or not through a foundation. According to inquiries, the capacity at these cemeteries is sufficient. Survivors can have an Islamic funeral arranged by funeral directors and funeral companies that specialize in Islamic burial.

"Although, unfortunately, the wishes of the deceased in these exceptional times cannot always be respected, because repatriation is not possible, I fortunately see good opportunities to give substance to the Islamic burial in the Netherlands.", Said the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Knops.

Minister Knops also indicates that he will pay attention to this He is in contact with his colleague from J&V about possible bottlenecks with Islamic burial.

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