Of the most visible measures that were taken in some based on the guidelines of the RIVM, a physical separation between driver and passenger is the most striking. For example, no transmission of the virus can take place between the driver and / or traveler. Once you are paid for the transportation of people, this is called business use. An obvious example is of course the taxi.

Business insurance is usually more expensive than private car insurance. For business, there are often more kilometers driven. Sometimes there are alternating directors. Business insurance takes this into account, so that there can be no discussion about it.

If you add new accessories to your car, for example a Plexiglas partition, it will not automatically be covered by your car insurance. If the accessory has already been added to your car at the factory, you do not have to take out additional insurance. The value of the accessory is already included in the catalog value of your car.

consequences for your car insurance

If you make adjustments to your car yourself, certain properties may change. Sometimes you even have to have your car retested. Always report any changes to your car, no matter how small, to your insurer. 

But what if you have had adjustments made yourself and these characteristics have contributed to worse occupant injuries than under normal circumstances? It is therefore important to consult the insurer or intermediary in advance so that you have everything in black and white. 

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Corona measures
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