Holiday or refund voucher. Many people currently have the problem that they have booked a holiday for the past weeks and the upcoming period, which unfortunately cannot continue because of the corona crisis. Worldwide there are according to IATA 9,2 billion euros in tickets canceled. The question now is how this can best be solved in our country for consumers and airlines.

Many airlines want to consult with ACM and the Ministry of Economic Affairs will work with so-called aviation vouchers. You will receive this canceled holiday voucher instead of a refund or an alternative flight, which is valid for one year. And if that doesn't work, according to the news reports, you can still ask for a refund. This scheme is designed to prevent bankruptcies if consumers en masse demand their money back. The Consumers' Association is therefore now concerned about these aviation vouchers, as many airlines currently have their planes on the ground and so financial difficulties or bankruptcies are therefore not excluded.

“It cannot be the case that a consumer voluntarily waives his rights and is left empty-handed. The voucher, like the previously presented voucher from the package travel providers, must be covered against bankruptcy, ”says Consumentenbond director Sandra Molenaar.

According to, the Consumers' Association wants the government to guarantee the previously announced airline vouchers in the event that airlines go bankrupt. The union announced this to the House of Representatives last Wednesday. The union also has objections to the period after which people can still exchange the voucher for money, because it is set at twelve months instead of six months, as with the package travel providers.

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