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During Easter weekend, some tourist areas and small country roads are closed to motorcyclists and cycling clubs. This was decided on Monday by Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security and the chairmen of the 25 Security Regions during consultations on how to deal with the corona crisis.

The Safety Council of the mayors of the 25 safety regions discussed Monday evening whether extra measures should be taken against groups of motorcyclists during the Easter weekend. Last weekend many people complained about motor nuisance, especially on the river dikes and on the Posbank near Rheden. Those who sat quietly in the sun in the garden could especially hear the sound of engines all Sunday.


The Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association KNMV doubts whether motorcyclists have not adhered to the rules. Every year there are many complaints in the first beautiful weekends, when motorcycle enthusiasts go out again.

By keeping out motorcyclists and cyclists, Grapperhaus and the mayors say they want to give walkers the opportunity to use certain places in peace during Easter. According to Mayor Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council, hikers and cyclists were endangered in some places during the weekend. Because they had to be put aside for groups of motorcyclists, they would not have been able to observe the rule of keeping a distance of 1,5 meters. "They had nowhere to go," said Bruls.

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Flemish cycling tourists in Limburg
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