So the Gentse Feesten will not be canceled for the time being, and the organizers are happy about that. The decision on the upcoming edition of the Ghent Festivities, planned from July 17 to 26, 2020, will be in May. The preparations continue for the time being. Organizers of initiatives can pay up to 7.500 euros subsidy applications until April 14The city council has held a consultation on the July celebrations.

The Ghent Festivities are a party that covers the entire city center of Ghent for ten days and attracts many tens of thousands of visitors who move side by side through the streets of Ghent to the various stages. In addition to free music on party squares, there are many other activities during the parties. Just think of the many theater performances, intimate concerts, lectures, guided walks and all kinds of other activities. These activities contribute to the appearance of the parties as a grand cultural festival.

something to look forward to in these difficult times

All organizers are ready for the Festivities and the artists are already booked. From stage builders, suppliers of light and sound installations, in short, the entire entertainment sector is now paralyzed. Nobody is waiting for more festival cancellations.

“The organizers and the city want to wait until May to make that decision. We are in close contact with the security services about this and of course closely follow the advice of the national security council and the Flemish Agency for Care and Health. ” said Annelies Storms

Ghent parties 2020 are on the agenda from 17 to 26 July

The organizers just continue behind the scenes. The Ghent parties are on the agenda for mid-July. That is more than 3 months later. The question of whether the Ghent Festivities can still take place this summer is getting louder, now that talks are being made about the cancellation of major summer festivals.

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