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With a tax package, the city council wants to provide oxygen to the severely affected Ghent companies. Corporate taxes are waived for each month in which federal corona measures apply. This means that if the federal measures are extended until May 3, the taxes for May will also lapse and the City of Ghent will therefore waive 3 full months.

Flemish taxi decree hinders aid to taxi sector

For the taxi sector, the City gent also provide for the remission, but the Flemish taxi decree currently makes this impossible. The city council hopes that Flanders will make a waiver for the entire taxi sector possible so that this heavily affected sector can also be supported.

The City of Ghent provides 25 million euros to absorb the impact of the corona crisis. After all, the impact on the city is very great. The Ghent economy, the most vulnerable in our society and civil society have been hit hard. The Taskforce Relance not only elaborates necessary measures in the short term, but also actions to revive Ghent in the longer term.

quick measures via Taskforce Relance 

In order to quickly implement measures, the city council has set up the Taskforce Relance. The representatives of the majority parties include Mayor Mathias De Clercq, first ships Filip Watteeuw, ships Rudy Coddens, ships Mieke Van Hecke, the general director and the financial director of the City of Ghent. 

This task force operates on two tracks, each in close collaboration with the competent professional aldermen. On the one hand, the Task Force is developing short-term measures that are necessary to meet the most urgent needs and not to mortgage future relance, and on the other, the Task Force Relance is developing actions in various domains to revive Ghent after the crisis. This in close consultation with the affected sectors.

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