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Border traffic from Belgium and Germany has fallen sharply in the past period and the number of recreational bookings has also fallen sharply. In addition, non-essential travel is prohibited in Belgium and non-essential travel is not recommended in Germany. The number of travel movements from neighboring countries has already decreased considerably. The government also wants to keep it this way around Easter and May holidays.

get a breath of fresh air now and then, but don't travel

The aim of the latter is also to minimize the number of travel movements in and through the country around Easter and May holidays. The government is not only making this appeal to all Dutch people, but also to foreign tourists who may want to travel to the Netherlands. In addition, the Cabinet is now taking steps to combat foreign tourism during the Easter weekend and the May holidays, in addition to the existing measures.

There is good cooperation between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in order to ensure that tourist traffic is reduced to almost zero around Easter and May holidays. For example, Germany and the Netherlands will work together at regional and national level on calls to the public, through campaigns and (social) media, to stay at home and not to travel. In addition, the influx of tourists, in places where many tourists have gone so far, will also be discouraged by all kinds of measures from the relevant security regions.

discourage you from visiting holiday parks

The sanitary facilities in the form of communal toilet, washing and shower facilities at recreation parks, holiday parks, camping areas and small-scale camping fields as well as at parks, nature reserves and beaches are closed. In addition, holiday parks can be closed in safety regions with a high tourist inflow, except for forms of permanent residence or rental. Furthermore, by closing locations, pleasure craft traffic can be minimized where necessary. Finally, public recreational facilities such as nature reserves and forests in the relevant security regions may be subject to extensive access restrictions for tourists.

If insufficient results are obtained, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee will discourage tourists from Belgium and Germany immediately after the border during Easter and May holidays, by addressing them and advising them not to continue their journey to the Netherlands. The latter is done as much as possible in collaboration with the Belgian and German authorities.

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