Thousands of passengers taken from 'contaminated' aircraft carrier. Eight crew members tested positive for the corona virus about a week ago. COVID-19 has now spread and more than a hundred crew members have contracted the corona virus. 

According to the commander, it is impossible to keep 1,5 meters apart on the aircraft carrier. The USS Theodore Roosevelt has been in the port of Guam, an American island in the Pacific, for a week. The aircraft carrier left Vietnam three weeks ago. Before departure, the crew had been extensively tested for the coronavirus, according to

"A political solution is needed," said Captain Brett Crozier in a letter. He advocates measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. "We are not in a war, Marines do not have to die," says the commander.

The US Navy collects thousands of passengers from 'contaminated' aircraft carrier at Guam. The commander of the American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt has written a letter ringing the alarm on the situation on the ship. More than a hundred crew members out of nearly five thousand crew members have tested positive for the corona virus. According to the Pentagon, hotel rooms are arranged on the island in the Pacific for disembarkation staff. The ship has about 4800 crew members, of whom about 1000 are to be left behind, said Acting Secretary of Marine Thomas Modly in Washington.

"We are not going to disembark all crew members. We can't and we don't, "said Modly. "This ship has weapons on board. Ammunition on board. There are expensive planes and there is a nuclear power station. ”

Meanwhile, according to the news reports, about 1000 crew members have already disembarked. That would be 2700 in a few days, according to John Menoni. According to the minister, the Theodore Roosevelt is currently the only naval vessel at sea where infections have been detected on board.

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