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We are working hard to transfer corona patients from Brabant to hospitals elsewhere in the country, this is a complicated operation and a lot of hard work is being done. There are also social initiatives that help to relieve care in a different way. 

For example, the news about two large hotel chains that will set up corona centers in consultation for patients who are too good on the one hand for the hospital, but cannot yet go home themselves. Hotel chains like it Van der Valk Hotel in Stein-Urmond and various branches of Fletcher Hotels are ready.

then do it for our heroes

The agreement has been in force in the Netherlands for a week - limit the number of social contacts and keep a meter and a half away from each other. That means - go outside for work if you can't work from home. If you can work at home - stay at home. Of course you can do groceries, care for others in need or take a walk, but do this alone and not in a group and avoid group activities. Even if you do not get seriously ill yourself, you can still ignite someone else, with all its consequences. 

“To my surprise, the beaches, nature reserves and hardware stores were crowded last weekend and there were even shit-to-corona parties. It is just bizarre that there are still people who underestimate the coronavirus and flout the rules, resulting in deaths. ”

Existing tightened measures have emerged because a number of people cannot comply with the rules and so that these measures can be better enforced by Mayors. 

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high fines and better enforcement

First of all, all events, which are events and gatherings, are prohibited until June 1 instead of April 1. There is a limited exception for funerals and church weddings. Secondly, the mayors will better enforce the existing measures in their municipalities. And thirdly, fines are issued to individuals and companies that do not follow the rules, these fines range from 400-4000 euros.

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Ferdinand Grapperhaus