A bit of a double feeling, the holiday sector has come to a halt due to the corona crisis, while the neighbor has a busy period due to freight transport, a sector that is now in full swing. The Vacansoleil team is busy approaching everyone no later than 2 weeks before the departure date. Bee Vacansoleil they follow the developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) closely. 

The European Commission has made a number of recommendations to Member States to ensure that cross-border freight transport runs smoothly. In the mededeling the Commission explains how Member States should organize the so-called 'green lanes'. There should be no waiting times longer than XNUMX minutes at border crossings.

the committee makes a number of other recommendationsn

Drivers should be able to cross borders without problems and regardless of which Member State they come from and quarantine rules should not apply to them if they do not show symptoms of Corona. Sanitary facilities and restaurants along the transport routes have to remain open for drivers and goods transport, a problem that has been major during the last week. Drivers are also no longer welcome to shower, eat or go to the toilet.

TLN is positive about this communication and hopes that it will bring the desired clarity and improve the situation as it is now seen at many border crossings and in an increasing number of Member States. The European Commission communication is currently no more than a list of recommendations to Member States. 

The European Commission does not have the power to enforce mandatory measures in the transport of goods, because Member States themselves are responsible for taking measures against corona in the field of health. The Commission cannot make more than urgent recommendations, so the question remains whether and how Member States intend to implement these recommendations.

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