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The virus cannot normally spread via parcels and pallets, but the DHL delivery person and ServicePoint employee are themselves extra alert to all hygiene measures. For the time being they therefore sign for all shipments for which a signature is required. The deliverer or ServicePoint employee does this in front of the recipient.

In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, all areas are accessible for the delivery and collection of shipments. Sending cash on delivery and non-carriage paid (ex works) is currently not possible with DHL. They send these shipments back to the sender. If you send to a business address that is closed, they will also return your shipment. 

many DHL ServicePoints remain open for collecting and sending parcels. Because they reduce the number of contact moments between DHL points and deliverers, a shipment can take a day longer. Collection of a shipment at a DHL Terminal is only possible in the Netherlands.

European shipping measures

The areas in Italy that were closed by the virus are accessible again and here we can deliver and collect shipments again. However, many shops in Italy are closed, so delivery is sometimes not possible. They then store shipments temporarily. Follow track and trace and keep in touch with your recipient about its opening hours. 

Shops are closed in France. It is therefore currently not possible to send parcels to a DHL point. DHL will temporarily disable DHL in the shipping systems. Packages larger than 180x100x50 (l, w, h) and pallets cannot be delivered in many areas and are returned to the sender.

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For all of Spain, it is now not possible to send to a DHL point and shipments to many zip code areas retain them until they can deliver them.

In Austria, many postal codes have been completely quarantined. The delivery service cannot pick up or deliver shipments here. They hold the shipments locally until they can go to their destination.

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DHL delivery person Amsterdam