If you decide not to use your bus or taxi for a longer period of time, you can suspend the vehicle. During the suspension, entrepreneurs do not have to comply with the vehicle obligations (motor vehicle tax, liability insurance and MOT obligation). The motor vehicle tax will stop automatically. You must cancel your insurance yourself.

You can suspend your car for 1, 2 or 3 years. A suspension starts immediately. It is not possible to indicate a date in the future. After the suspension period you have chosen, the suspension will automatically end and you will immediately have to meet the vehicle obligations again. You can also use the suspension extend.

The registration certificate (in paper or credit card format) remains valid. You will not receive a new registration certificate after the suspension.

do not forget to return abroad

The Finanzamt reports that the crisis measures (postponement of payment of VAT, reduction of advances in VAT) also apply to Dutch coach operators. If you want to apply to the German tax authorities for a reduction or reimbursement of the VAT advance, please send this application via the Elster declaration program.

KNV draws attention to an article in BILD am SONNTAG from a bus company about the effects of the corona crisis. Unfortunately, this does not only happen in Germany. If we are to maintain all mobility, aid must be provided quickly to SMEs. This cry for help is not only addressed by our German bus companies. In the Netherlands, too, all bus transport aimed at tourism is virtually stopped.

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Carolin Grötzinger - Omnibus
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