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Flemish minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) has reached after consultation with GOCA Flanders that the car inspection will reopen on Wednesday 25 March. Given the situation and the backlog this will only be for commercial and transport vehicles, buses, priority vehicles and technical inspections. 

For the other categories (of which the certificate of approval expired after March 13, 2020), the term will be extended by 4 months, after the lifting of the crisis measures.

Impact logistics sector

GOCA Flanders (the umbrella organization of inspection centers) decided on Tuesday to unilaterally close the vehicle inspection. As a result, cars and trucks could no longer be inspected and there was no inspection for sale. In a few weeks, the impact of this decision would be significant. This is because 1.784 heavy vehicles and 3.686 trailers and semi-trailers are inspected every week. These now threatened to fall without inspection and could therefore no longer be used for transport.

Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters

“Closing the inspection centers would have a major impact on the transport sector. While in this period it is necessary that our logistics remain upright to provide everyone with the necessary food, food, fuel, but also with medication and medical equipment. ”

Term extended by four months

Due to the closing of the vehicle inspection, there is a backlog and therefore there will be an extension of the current term. In order to ensure the mobility of citizens, who cannot go to the inspection even with this emergency regulation, the period will be extended by four months after the lifting of the crisis measures.

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Inspection of cars