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In these difficult times, when almost all mobility has come to a halt, many new initiatives are also emerging. Demand-driven mobility is the future. Digital platforms have fundamentally changed the telecom market, the travel industry, the hotel and banking sector. Taxi companies are struggling because of the corona crisis and no one knows how long this situation will continue. A great time to reflect on the future and the way in which we all want to implement it.

“We are on the eve of the launch of the new Pitane Arrive taxi platform. Serving the Flemish market with the same taxi platform was a matter of expanding our network. In the Netherlands we use our network successfully and recently we have been linked to the Karhoo network. Karhoo is an open mobility platform that connects taxi fleets and business partners around the world. ”, says Gerrit Saey - director of Eindhoven Censys BV.

In addition, many of our companies in the taxi market already drive at Brussels, Antwerp and Charleroi airports, so return journeys are very welcome. Flemish companies also applaud the initiative, despite the transport market currently being completely dried up by the 'lock-down'. Many companies see the new platform as an extra income to get back to work. 

We regularly see many Flemish taxi companies deliver or pick up customers at Eindhoven Airport. The taxi platform can offer the resulting offering to both the Flemish and Dutch taxi companies.

We are there every day, for everyone

The platform stimulates the taxi market when using electric vehicles. When booking, the traveler can consciously choose a taxi company that offers e-taxi on its route. The platform is also available to anyone who is struggling to get where they want. People who, for whatever reason, cannot leave the house easily or independently.

“At the start of the network, we are immediately active in Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, East Flanders and West Flanders. For this we work together with transport companies that have been using the Pitane Mobility network for years. ”

Mobility as a Service

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The platform is offered by Censys BV, which is an active participant in the MaaS Lab, an initiative of the KNV. In December, the affiliation to the international MaaS Alliance became a fact and the company's own MaaS Lab officially started. The MaaS Lab is a collaboration between all parties from the business community involved in the development of MaaS (Mobility as a Service).

You can register as a transport company via the following form.

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