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Master John Reid, who has been working as a subdistrict court judge in Alkmaar for more than fifteen years, was asked to make a statement about the reliability of the VVR code in a case that was requested by Monique Keijzer. The conflicts in De Rijdende Rechter often concern high-standing neighbors, nuisance from trees, fences and sheds. 

In the last episode, time to enforce a statement about an unusual dispute and a file that has been arguing within the industry for a long time: the code VVR. As of July 1, 2020, the revised version of the Safe Transport Code for Wheelchair Users will take effect, but Monique is already experiencing problems because agreements regarding the VVR code are not always clear to taxi drivers.

Wheelchair transport, no higher math for Reid 

Ms Keijzer is dependent on a wheelchair, including wheelchair transport, but is often refused by the taxi driver because her wheelchair does not meet the requirements of the VVR code. It is no higher mathematics for Master John Reid to fasten a wheelchair on the bus. The wheelchair stickers clearly indicate where the belts should be attached.

Only tested wheelchairs with a quality label are accepted. With a lot of effort, Mrs. Keijzer receives a sticker from her wheelchair manufacturer. And yet she has to argue with a Taxi Linsen driver.

The defendants in this case were assisted by Taxicentrale Linssen by Director Henk van Gelderen of the Social Fund Mobility. They also want clarity about the regulations and changes for wheelchair users. In their defense, they ask the Riding Judge to provide that clarity.

"This is my statement, and that's the way it is"

During the hearing, Master John Reid indicates that it is very easy to order hallmark stickers online and there is therefore no supervision whether the wheelchair has actually undergone the 'crash test'. Wheelchairs that are tailor-made for people can also be refused during transport. After all, no crash test was performed for the latter category.

Despite all the comments about safety, Master John Reid says that the VVR code does everything it can to maintain an agreement system within the industry and that Ms Keijzer can no longer be refused.

Social Fund Mobility

The board of the Social Fund Mobility Foundation consists of 8 members. Half of the members represent employers, the other half represent employees. The composition is CNV and FNV Taxi, KNV Healthcare Transport & Taxi

Photo Ms Keijzer: source NCRV

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mr. John Reid - Jetske van den Elsen