At present, tens of thousands of Dutch people are stuck abroad. According to an estimate by the ANVR, this concerns about 200.000 people who are traveling via a travel agency or only via a flight ticket. The ANVR therefore calls on travelers who are stuck abroad to cooperate with the instructions of travel agencies and airlines.

Getting those people back can take days or weeks, says a spokesperson for the travel company association ANVR. An airlift is being erected with all the might this week to pick up Dutch tourists who are stranded in the winter sun at popular holiday destinations. People with a package holiday can register with their travel organization.

corona voucher in case of cancellation or rebooking

ANVR is pleased that SGR has offered travel companies a creative option when rebooking or canceling the trip, whereby the Corona voucher to be issued is covered by this guarantee fund. With this, travelers will continue to be assured that their already paid travel sum has been secured.

ANWB travel

ANWB Traveling is in full swing to repatriate all travelers who are currently staying abroad to the Netherlands. This concerns a total of 1500 travelers who have yet to return to the Netherlands. This concerns travelers who have booked a trip with ANWB Reizen, which includes travel organizations FOX Verre Reizen, Pharos Reizen, ANWB Members Travel, ANWB Camping Trips and Travelhome.

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