Not only was it announced today from Rotterdam that the Eurovision Song Contest has been postponed, it also emerged that hundreds of Rotterdam requests for help, ranging from shopping to odd jobs around the house, were handled in a special way by the municipality of Rotterdam, welfare organizations, Trevvel and other partners.

A boost for alderman Sven de Langen who will guide the elderly and other risk groups through the corona crisis. The helpline is connected to every area of ​​Rotterdam, from Hoek van Holland to IJsselmonde.

“People with disabilities who need help with a practical job or people who need medication or groceries,” says Alderman Sven de Langen, “Trevvel is used to working with vulnerable groups. They quickly converted their regular work to this service. ”

In addition to the commitment to requests for help from 14 010, there is a call team from the welfare work proactively calls the elderly to ask them how they are doing and whether it is necessary to assist with practical chores. 

Oscar Papa of WIN010 (Rotterdam platform of welfare organizations): 

“From experience with the 75+ home visits, we know which elderly people from the neighborhood can use extra attention. We are happy to use our knowledge of the district. Every welfare organization has its own calling team in the district that proactively calls the elderly to ask them how they are doing and whether they need something. This involves the help of volunteers, residents and entrepreneurs from their own neighborhood. ”

The welfare work takes up reports with its own employees and volunteers and organizes solutions to requests for help in the neighborhood. In addition, Trevvel provides drivers and vehicles to organize the delivery of groceries and transport. For example, the food packages from the food bank are delivered at home by Trevvel. 

“It is a lonely and fearful time for the elderly and vulnerable Rotterdammers. Together we have to pay extra attention to them. With this collaboration we want to help them where we can, ”says Arno van Haasterecht - Trevvel.

Many people have now indicated that they want to work for the people who need it. For example, many Rotterdammers are active via, Opzoomer Mee and other volunteer organizations.

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Aerial photo Rotterdam
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