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Before 21 March 2020, everyone must have the new BCT card (G3) and use it. Due to carelessness at the Kiwa, this is not the case with a number of companies and drivers, because the cards were not produced on time or were not sent on time by the Kiwa.

By all perils With regard to the financial situation of taxi companies and the concerns about keeping the company afloat during the corona crisis, we would almost forget that there is another disliked BCT point that deserves all the attention. Taxi companies also had to update or have updated the Onboard Computer Taxi (BCT) before 21 March 2020.

In most cases, the BCT cards were exchanged on time, but not in all cases the drivers have a valid driver card.

Kiwa causes problems for entrepreneurs

The sending of the BCT cards by Kiwa causes serious problems in a number of cases. The driver and entrepreneur cards must be replaced by March 20, 2020. In a number of cases this is not the case, because according to the industry association KNV the cards were not produced on time or were not sent on time by Kiwa. 

This means that a number of drivers do not have a valid BCT card on March 20, 2020. If this is through no fault of the driver, the relevant driver can use his BSN number after 20 March 2020. The driver must then manually record his working and rest times, as was the case six years ago.

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From March 21, 2020 you must use the new on-board computer card (G3). During an inspection, the inspector of the ILT or her enforcement partners (police and Royal Netherlands Marechaussee) to check which messages you have received from Kiwa about the delivery or collection of your new BCT card.

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