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Today, the EU countries decided to drastically limit the possibility of traveling to the Schengen zone, including the Netherlands. From now on, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises all Dutch people to stop traveling abroad, unless strictly necessary. This is not because of health aspects, but because of the impact that government measures can have on Dutch travelers.

from now on at least orange

Holiday trips abroad are not recommended. For travel advice, this means that for all countries from now on, at least orange applies: traveling alone if strictly necessary.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in close contact with the travel sector and other countries about the consequences of this measure. If you have travel plans, consider whether this trip is really necessary. Postpone or cancel the trip whenever possible. If you are abroad, check whether your stay is necessary and whether you have options for departure. Please contact your airline or travel company for this.

Together with the travel industry, we are looking for ways to have Dutch travelers who want to return home, so make use of the travel options that the travel industry offers. If departure is not possible, provide a safe shelter, possibly in consultation with your travel organization.

The exception that the EU countries have made for the transport sector and freight transport also applies to this travel advice. The government appreciates the great efforts of the parties in the travel and transport sector.

strict measures

Since March 16, 292 people have been tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. This brings the total positively tested people to 1705. Among them are 389 people who work in healthcare; they are tested more often than other groups. 

19 patients have died from COVID-19 since the previous update. In total, 43 people have now died from the disease. The dead are between 63 and 94 years old. Earlier we reported that the youngest deceased was 59, this was due to an administrative error. A total of 314 patients were or have been hospitalized.

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