Air France-KLM will ground almost the entire fleet for the next two months. The airline has applied for a reduction in working hours for 70 percent of its staff. According to the NOS, the company expects to transport about 70 to 90 percent fewer travelers. 

The company is one of many airlines affected by the corona virus. More and more countries are closing their borders or refusing flights from European countries, such as the United States, Turkey and Israel. Air France-KLM previously decided not to fly to China anymore. Moreover, the demand for tickets is much less because people no longer go on holiday.

According to the NOS, the British airline Easyjet will also be canceling almost all flights in the near future. By drastically cutting activities, airlines hope to cut costs.

State aid

The airlines are calling on national governments to provide financial support. 

"European aviation is facing an uncertain future and it is clear that coordinated public support is needed to ensure that industry survives and can continue to operate once the crisis is over," said Easyjet CEO John Lundgren.

Infrastructure Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen understands the decision to keep the fleet almost completely grounded in the next two months. She speaks of a radical step. 

"It shows how big the impact is on the airline industry and the thousands of people who work there." 

There is continuous consultation with KLM and support, also in collaboration with the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Employment and Finance.

The Netherlands and France are investigating the possibilities of aid to Air France-KLM. Yesterday Minister Hoekstra said in a television program Buitenhof that the cabinet will do everything necessary to keep KLM and Schiphol afloat.

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Airbus A380 - Air France
KLM fleet at Schiphol
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