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The corona virus has no borders, but the Flemish people in the border region with Zeeland Flanders have a different opinion after the federal government took the decision to close the entire catering industry. Under pressure from the Flemish side, the Dutch authorities are taking measures to limit the influx of Belgians. 

Now that the Belgian government has closed shops, restaurants and cafes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many Flemish people are proving to be search in Zeelandic Flanders.

In Maastricht it turned out to be better than expected, but Sluis, Terneuzen and Hulst, among others, were almost inundated with Belgians this afternoon. The result: overcrowded parking lots and buzzing in shopping streets, on terraces and in cafes. In the meantime it became known that the Zeeland Security Region was taking measures to stop the influx of Belgians.

"This virus does not stop at the borders. The Netherlands Institute of Public Health has today imposed 'social restrictions' on its residents. Any Belgian who thinks it is a good idea to go to #The Netherlands it's wrong. Stay at home, don't do this ”, says Pieter de Crem - CD&V.

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