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Taxicentrale Fryslân BV in Sneek was declared bankrupt by the court in Noord-Nederland. Although it can be stated with some certainty that this bankruptcy is not a consequence of the current circumstances surrounding the corona virus, warns the sector for more bankruptcies. 

corona virus and taxi sector

Taxi drivers often keep themselves tall and keep working. But what if you live in a corona area or are dependent on the catering industry, aviation or have a mild cold yourself? If you are ill, you are not necessarily incapacitated for work, but according to RIVM you must stay at home.

If you can work less or not because schools or institutions close in your region, then there is force majeure. Maybe your route is shorter or you don't have to drive for some time. These are all consequences that can lead to difficulties for self-employed people to meet current obligations, often resulting in bankruptcy.

the situation is dramatic in some companies

You cannot insure yourself for the consequences of such a virus. The taxi center currently has many cancellations which means shortening working hours is almost the only way out. If employees get corona, most companies can close. But when you work as a freelancer you have to continue working

Taxicentrale Fryslân BV at the Kleinzand in Sneek was transferred on March 10, 2020 to curator MJ Oudman.

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