Norway has taken strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Every tourist who wants to enter the country is asked to return home. Those who do not have to be quarantined for fourteen days. The measure also applies to Norwegians who have been outside Scandinavia.

travel advice for foreign affairs is not always correct

Avoid nasty surprises when traveling. Despite the travel advice on the website of foreign affairs today labeled Norway as green, Norway itself has taken the initiative to close its borders. Before departure, check all risks and other important information in the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With the BZ Travel Advice app, you are always aware of the latest developments in a country.

The coronavirus raises many questions, including the consequences for the Netherlands. Organizations are working together to prevent infections and limit the effects of the new virus. The care with which the ministry makes the travel advice sometimes takes a long time. As a result, it is possible that current events are reported in the media, but that you do not yet find them in the travel advice.

The travel advice is not binding. It remains the responsibility of yourself and of the travel organization whether or not to let a trip continue. Please contact your travel agency or travel insurer for questions about this.

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