The National Grouping of Taxi Enterprises (GTL) urges the early provision of additional measures to save the taxi sector, primarily a temporary reduction in social security contributions (RSZ). GTL asks additional government measures to help companies in our sector as they are particularly hard hit by the effects of the corona virus.

Companies can already rely on temporary unemployment, which is currently in demand, and on a number of fiscal support measures. But this will not be enough for many to survive the current crisis.

According to GTL, companies that specialize in transporting less mobile persons and wheelchair users to rehabilitation centers, care institutions, hospitals or day centers, parental facilities, etc. suddenly see their activities fall back to 10% of the normal level.

personnel costs represent 50% of the operating costs

Their personnel costs represent about 50% of the operating costs, which are partly offset by temporary unemployment, on the other hand the fixed costs have to be paid further, even in the event of a sudden cancellation of most contracts.

GTL addresses Ministers De Block and Beke, all care institutions, day centers for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, etc., so that the carriers affected by the sudden drop in demand are not dropped. GTL asks the Federal and Regional authorities to continue to honor the contracts, otherwise this will be the death knell for many companies.

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