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The majority parties confirmed yesterday during the city council that the Ghent low emission zone (LEZ) will be expanded. However, it is not yet certain exactly how large that LEZ should be. from the administrative agreement concluded by Open VLD, Groen, SP.A and CD&V at the end of 2018, the LEZ would be extended beyond the city ring. All residential areas within the R4 and the port area would then form an LEZ.

study will determine LEZ expansion

Ships from Milieu Tine Heyse (Groen) indicates that there will be another study.

Employees of the companies would also be affected in an extension to the port area.

An extension of the LEZ affects "190.000 residents of Ghent who live outside the R40," said N-VA group chairman Anneleen Van Bossuyt.

foreign tourists ride in the LEZ trap

Motorists who are caught pay 150 euros per day (not per violation). Foreign vehicles are required in advance Register. The city has already issued more than 10.000 permits to foreign vehicles. You really have to register one of a vehicle with a non-Belgian number plate leave data that can be traced back to the driver's address. 

privacy the inhabitants of Ghent do not know any guidelines

The city of Ghent does not care about the applicable regulations with regard to privacy and asks for your name, address and telephone number during the registration process. In the appendices of the registration process must you add a copy of the front and back of the registration certificate. The registration is free and valid until December 31, 2024 in all Flemish cities with a low emission zone.

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