The new Bravoflex Moerdijk transport system was launched more than a year ago and the interim evaluation of this two-year pilot has successfully demonstrated this. With a score of 8,4, travelers are positive about the Bravoflex Moerdijk pilot. Since its introduction through September 2019, there have been an average of 113 trips per month. This amounts to 1.131 journeys and 1.402 travelers for the total period. 

With this flexible on-call transport system, travelers can travel criss-cross through Moerdijk in the evenings and on weekends, without a fixed route or timetable. Which stops and / or public transport junction that the passenger of the journey determines.

Bravoflex as an alternative to other means of transport

During the evaluation, the travelers indicated that they found it very pleasant to no longer be dependent on the regular bus line to Moerdijk. The first results therefore show that travelers started traveling at a different time. Bravoflex is often used on Sundays and most trips take place from station Seven mountains to Zevenbergse Poort in Klundert, from Zevenbergen station to the Langeweg stop or to the Nieuwe Molen stop in Fijnaart. 

public transport flex app

The interim evaluation shows that almost everyone booked the ride via the OV flex app. The user-friendliness of the OV flex app gets an average of 6,2 and the travel information via the same app a 6,6. Most likely, the lower rating has to do with some startup issues surrounding the application. These technical problems were known and the app has been fully functional for some time now. What is still on the roll is optimizing the design / design of the application (use of color, icons and the like).

Bravoflex Moerdijk

Bravoflex is a flexible on-call transport service for residents of the Moerdijk municipality and visitors to this municipality. Passengers can travel from stop to stop within the transport area, without a fixed route or timetable. Bravoflex runs in small vans or taxis from Monday to Friday in the evenings from 19.00 pm to midnight and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 00.00 am to midnight. A ride with Bravoflex has a fixed rate of € 09.00. The OV-chipkaart, the student travel product, existing public transport subscriptions and ticket types are not valid.

Bravoflex operates within the municipality of Moerdijk (Willemstad, Helwijk, Heijningen, Fijnaart, Standdaarbuiten, Noordhoek, Klundert, Moerdijk, Zevenbergen, Langeweg, and Zevenbergschen Hoek) and the four designated public transport hubs located outside the municipality of Moerdijk: bus station Oud Gastel , bus stop A29 Numansdorp and Dinteloord stop Zuideinde. Transport takes place between bus stops and between bus stops, train stations and public transport hubs within the defined area.

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Moerdijk Bridge
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