Well-known Dutch people are looking for real contact with travelers at Utrecht Central Station. Real contact is under heavy pressure in this digital society. Princess Laurentien, NS president-director Roger van Boxtel, Jamai Loman, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Jan Slagter, Marlijn Weerdenburg and influencers Peter de Harder and Jard Struik will talk to travelers.

To draw attention to the urgency and importance of real contact, a special “slow-date living room” was set up at Utrecht Central Station on Friday 14 February. Dozens of organizations and famous Dutch people bundle their forces surrounding this mission.


The figures show: real contact is under severe pressure, with major consequences. One is isolated by too little (online) connection, another is stressed from too much contact (s) and yet another is crying out for real contact. The call for more inclusion and a new social norm around digital use is getting louder.

the need for real contact:

  • More than 1/5 of Dutch people aged 16-74 have insufficient digital skills.
  • 72% of people over 55 ask for help using the internet.
  • 29% of young people say they are addicted to social media.
  • 42% of mobile users think their own mobile use is too much.

organizations across the country are taking action

Also in other places in the country on the day of love, the call for real contact is heard. PostNL surprises people on the route with chat packages, Royal Schiphol Group organizes the Connect Café in the departure hall, VodafoneZiggo calls on everyone to help elderly people offline to make online contact via Welcome Online, NS conductors call on travelers in their own creative way to real contact and 

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You are cordially invited to be present between 10: 30-11: 30 at Utrecht Central Station (at track 21).

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Utrecht Centraal
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