The curtain has fallen for the North Brabant Van Gerwen Taxi BV from Zeeland (Landerd). In a ruling by the court of East Brabant, the bankruptcy was declared on January 28, 2020. WJB Berendsen of Legal Experience Advocaten from Den Bosch was appointed as receiver. Other companies within Van Gerwen Holding BV are not bankrupt.

The roots of the Van Gerwen Group known for taxi and student transport lie in Zeeland. The company has recently been in the negative news because the contract for the implementation of the student transport was initiated by a legal procedure between the municipality of Veldhoven and the transporter.

Since the start of transport for this vulnerable group in September 2018, the taxi company and the Veldhoven college have been at odds with each other. According to the commission, the carrier would not comply with its contractual agreements, as a result of which the commission dissolved the contract. 

Van Gerwen filed a lawsuit, which it won because the judge ruled that the municipality could insufficiently substantiate that the carrier was failing. The taxi company claimed 268.000 euros for damage, but according to the municipality, there is no evidence of damage suffered.

Van Gerwen made a restart with Jansen Taxi

Five years ago owner Marco van Gerwen Jansen took over Taxi from Nuenen, as a result of which the company was fully integrated into the group. Jansen Taxi provided transport for large customers such as municipalities, health insurers and schools. 

Jansen Taxi went bankrupt and left behind a debt of 1,4 million euros. Just like now with Van Gerwen Taxi itself, the subsidiary would have filed for bankruptcy itself.

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