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Taxi organizations TAT ​​and Taxistad can ignore the municipal requirement to suspend a group of taxi drivers. In the increasingly escalating battle between the taxi organizations and Alderman Sharon Dijksma (PvdA), the municipality had already imposed € 80.000 in periodic penalty payments and had already conducted four lawsuits.

The drivers demanded in summary proceedings on Monday that the judge should taxi organizations prohibits following the order of the municipality. Today, the judge ruled that the interests of the drivers outweigh the interests of the municipality and therefore provisionally prohibited enforcement.

Since the end of 2018, the taxi organizations have been refusing to suspend their drivers for minor traffic violations, as required by municipal policy.

“This concerns traffic offenses such as ignoring a traffic ban. As of July 15 last year, the policy has changed and taxi drivers, like other road users, will be fined 90 euros. The councilor demands that we suspend a group of drivers who committed such minor offenses before 15 July, mercilessly and for a long time. That would mean that some drivers will be without bread in the next two years. ”. said Ruud Lagerwaard, director of TAT.

THINK councilor Numan Yilmaz raised the issue in the city council last week. Deputy councilor Marjolein Moorman (PvdA) then persisted in her policy.

The taxi organizations and the municipality had already been brought to justice three times before in this conflict. Bearing value:

There may be more lawsuits to follow, but we hope the councilor will use this verdict to end this senseless witch hunt. Then we can finally focus on improving the quality of the taxi market. ”

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Sharon Dijksma
Mayor Sharon Dijksma