Undesirable transgressive behavior may be much greater than previously thought. That writes Passenger Transport Magazine following an investigation by RTL Nieuws. The actual number is probably much higher because not all victims report. In most cases, victims of sex crimes do not go to the police because they are ashamed or think they are on the job.

Last year, public transport travelers made more than 200 reports of sexual harassment, RTL Nieuws discovered. The actual number is most likely much higher because not all victims report. The NS alone received about 100 reports of sexual harassment between January and November last year, according to a spokesman. These were incidents on the train and at stations.

According to the NS spokesperson “sexual harassment can take all kinds of forms. Physically, but also verbally. It's horrible when this happens. In whatever form. We transport 1,3 million people every day, but every report is one too many. This can have a huge impact for travelers. ”

"Undoubtedly, this is only a fraction and sexual harassment in public transport is therefore the order of the day", says PvdA MP Attje Kuiken. She is shocked by the new figures.

The PvdA wants - according to RTL Nieuws - to consider with the parties in public transport what can be done about this. In an additional response, the Dutch Railways announces that various measures are already being taken: “We are designing our trains better so that passengers can see each other better. There are fewer corners in which to hide. ” The stations are also increasingly better equipped, there is camera surveillance with a view to safety and security teams are increasingly patrolling in the late hours that work next to the conductors.

NS is also experimenting with WhatsApp and SMS alerts on various routes. For example, travelers can notice the NS without noticing if they feel unsafe. The first experiences are positive, but NS recommends that public transport users always call 112 in the event of unsafety.

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