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Rival Bolt wants to compete in the race to be at the top of the Dublin taxi app market. The company, which now has a value of well over $ 1 billion, has since become a major player in Europe's competitive transportation app game. The Rit exchange company ' is shaping plans to launch its taxi app services in Dublin.

The company is now looking for a manager who will be based in the Irish capital to start Bolt's taxi companies in Dublin. According to a vacancy from the company. the new manager should be responsible for driver supervision, logistics and navigation regulation.

headache file for Uber

Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, is aggressively expanding across Europe and has become a notable headache case for Uber, which launched last year in the main London market, where the US company is regularly banned. Like Uber, Bolt has expanded further and is now more a provider of taxi activities. With services such as food delivery and e-scooter rental, they are clearly heading up the Uber road.

When successfully launched in Dublin, Bolt would enter a competitive market for taxi services, but a market with constraints. The model of ride exchange with regular drivers, made famous by Uber, does not work in Dublin. Users of the Uber app in Ireland can only book fully licensed taxi drivers.

no relaxation of the rules

For years, Uber lobbied the Irish government to make rules more lenient so that they allow the operation of its business model. The company has conducted limited trials to get the ball rolling, but to no avail. Despite all the challenges in that area, the company has launched its Uber Eats food delivery unit in some Irish cities.

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Should Bolt launch taxi companies in Ireland, it could follow a similar model to Free Now, the taxi app for BMW and Daimler, a Bolt investor. It also uses fully licensed taxis. The company claims to have carried 2018 million passengers in Ireland in 16. 

It has a significant presence in the country and has been in the market for several years, under different brand names. There are also several taxi book apps established in Ireland, including Lynk and the still relatively new player Flag.

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