Prague councilors have approved an increase in the maximum prices per kilometer taxi ride from 28 to 36 kroner this week. Other rates will be increased and a price list for electric taxis will be made. The changes will come into effect in February.

The starting rate increases from 40 to 60 crowns and there is a fixed rate for every minute instead of six to seven crowns. For the first time, the new price list also includes the regulation of the price of taxi services with electric vehicles. The boarding rate for them is 70 kroner, waiting time 7 kroner per minute and passengers pay a maximum of 39 kroner per kilometer. 

Price increases for the first time since 2006

In the past, some taxi drivers have demanded price increases in Prague and protested higher fares. Some of them charged up to 99 crowns for a kilometer, which was totally against the regulations. In addition to classic taxis, it is possible to use the so-called alternative taxi service in Prague. Customers then order vehicles via applications and pay a predetermined price. 

According to last year's survey at the Confederation of Trade and Tourism, about half of Prague citizens using a taxi have tried alternative taxis in the past three years. The rates for taxi services in the metropolis were last changed in 2006.

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