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A large group of matrix boards (36%) cannot display more than 90 km / h. The inventory commissioned by the Minister van Nieuwenhuizen Wijbenga ultimately shows that there are a limited number of routes where the applicable maximum speed can be displayed on the current matrix board during the day as well as in the evening. 

“Using the matrix board to display regular speed limits would create major inconsistencies in the way speeds are displayed. This does not benefit clarity for road users, "said the Minister.

In a letter to the House of Representatives, van Nieuwenhuizen Wijbenga indicates how she intends to implement the motion of the member Postma et al. Regarding the use of matrix boards as standard where possible to indicate the correct applicable speed. This motion aims to improve clarity for road users at different and changing speed limits.

In her recital she also takes into account that the execution of the motion can lead to a loss of the attention value of the matrix sign to the road user by permanently showing information, instead of special situations. This can have a negative effect on road safety.

Current possibilities

The Minister writes that at the same time she sees other ways of actively informing road users about the applicable speed. Rijkswaterstaat, for example, makes information about current speed limits, rush-hour lanes and matrix signs available digitally from the Talking Traffic program. Since September 2019, this information has been displayed in the Flitsmeister app with approximately 1,6 million users. Up-to-date and reliable information about the special speed limits is available in this way on the entire national road network, even where matrix boards are not available.

Future developments

The replacement of old type matrix boards and roadside stations, which control the matrix boards, will take place in the coming years. These newer types can pass the applicable speed. However, this process will be completed no earlier than 2027. The effects of this on understandability for road users and road safety will need to be investigated in due course.


Matrix boards are electronic signaling devices and are currently used for abnormal situations, such as a warning for a further traffic jam. The speeds on a matrix board count as maximum speeds, not as advisory speeds.

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