Shortly after 17.00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, a bus from the line will enter Kontich's Stationsplein. The bus driver was a little early on his journey from Boom to Lier, in the province of Antwerp. He opened the door of his bus to smoke a cigarette. At that moment a girl comes to ask for an explanation about the next ride. At that moment, a suspect also surfaced who immediately addressed the bus driver.

Skirmishes ensued in which the bus driver was stabbed several times. Then the bus driver drove to Lier, the final destination of the service. He may have been in shock because it was only in the depot in Tisselt (Willebroek) that he realized that he had been stabbed, and his colleagues called the emergency services.

Provide camera images

The driver was taken to the hospital. The police are not yet able to tell what had happened and indicate that there is currently no trace of the suspect and little is known about the perpetrator.

Local shopkeepers were called upon to provide any camera footage to see if that man could be tracked down. However, there is little hope that the images will yield anything, because the traders are only allowed to film what has happened inside their shop.

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