Anyone who travels to Rotterdam by train and wants to cover the last kilometers by taxi registers his journey order with some certainty at one of the taxi centers via a Pitane Mobility system. The Eindhoven company Censys BV has virtually the entire Rotterdam taxi market under digital management.

Many thousands of ride assignments per day

Pitane Mobility has been supporting taxi companies such as Mommy Taxi, the company of Zizi Fernandes. Her company has been arranging Rotterdam's 'private' electric transport with a Tesla fleet for years. The software from Eindhoven processes many thousands of journey orders every day after the shareholders of Regie Rotterdam BV decided in 2018 to use the Brabant software at its control center for the services of Trevvel.  

The Rotterdam nationally recognized TX-label companyf Maasstad Passenger transport and SiR Taxi Services quickly followed suit. Both taxi centers are experienced in passenger transport for various institutions, but also for private individuals.

Taxi Enterprise decided in early 2020 st. JobTaxi, has grown into a cooperative with 150 drivers, to switch to the central software of Pitane Mobility, which also guarantees the link with ZCN for the Zilveren Kruis and Rotterdam Taxibutlers now communicate with the servers of Pitane Mobility.

All taxi centers digitally linked to each other

“The arrival of the Eurovision Song Contest to Rotterdam has also accelerated matters. All transport companies want to be technically ready to handle the transport mass. Books, plans and implementation are arranged centrally. ”

The technical possibilities of the software allow fast processing of orders between taxi stations. Many hundreds of drivers are currently equipped with the Pitane Driver App so that the traveler also knows where his taxi is going.

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Rotterdam is an example of cooperating companies!

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