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Share Now, the joint car sharing service between BMW and Daimler, is being taken off the market in Brussels, Firenze and London. The concept also disappears in North America. According to a company spokesman, the concept is not profitable enough in these areas.

In a joint venture Your Now, Daimler and BMW will collaborate on mobility services. As of January 1, 2020, the two car manufacturers will transfer their separate joint ventures for mobility services into the umbrella joint venture Your Now. The various services and names are reduced to three: Free Now, Share Now and Park Now & Charge Now.

According to an press release the decision to stop Share Now in Brussels, London and Florence was taken "because of the low acceptance rate", ie too few people use the service. In North America, in particular, a lack of necessary infrastructure to support the technology is the cause of the decision to stop.

The decision to partially discontinue Share Now is part of a restructuring of the mobility services, with greater emphasis on the profitability of the business. Your Now's five initiatives: Share Now (car-sharing), Reach Now (route planner), Free Now (taxi), Park Now (parking assistance) and Charge Now (charging) will be divided into three new business units: Free Now, Share Now, and Park Now & Charge Now.

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BMW Munich
BMW Munich