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HERE Mobility marketplace grew 2019% in 150 compared to 2018, an important milestone in the company's mission to make mobility more efficient. The world's first open marketplace connecting real-time transport demand and supply to make mobility more efficient and ecosystem reform, announced today that 2020 will begin with more than 700 supply and demand partners around the world. 

This means a growth of 150% compared to the previous year and a worldwide saving of 1 million kilometers driven. The rapid growth of HERE Mobility is a direct result of the growing number of companies in various industries looking for door-to-door mobility solutions and improving customer experience.

The Mobility as a Service market is constantly growing, due to increasing traffic and other economic and social changes. Thanks to a combination of these factors, the shared mobility market is forecast to grow to $ 2030-1,5 trillion between now and 2. Sustainable mobility solutions are becoming increasingly important all over the world. Expectations are that by 2030, 60% of the world's population will live in cities and the total mileage will peak in 2040.

Because popular partial transport services only increase traffic congestion, the competitive mobility marketplace offers a solution for the transport issues of companies in every sector. HERE Mobility enables them to connect their customers to the widest range of regional mobility options available on one multimodal platform. The mobility marketplace helps companies enrich their core offering to create an overarching customer experience.

"To compete in today's supersaturated ecosystem, companies are looking for door-to-door service, including transportation from the first to the last mile," said Liad Itzhak, SVP, director of HERE Mobility. 

With over 2,5 million registered vehicles, the HERE Mobility marketplace is now available in over 100 major cities worldwide. In 2019, the market among North American demand partners grew by 200% and in Europe by 100%.

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